"In just 90 minutes a week you can change another person's life."

Picture of tutor with studentThe Learning Center's foundation is a group of dedicated adults from various backgrounds volunteering a minimum of 1˝ - 2 hrs per week a year to help others learn to read, write and handle basic math.

Tutor training sessions include 6 hours of how to instruction based on a proven curriculum and tested strategies that help adults learn.

As a tutor you will be supported by a staff person who will match you with a learner, will help facilitate setting up a schedule that works for both tutor and learner and will help you establish rapport.

Tutor in-service sessions keep your skills current, expand the kinds of lessons and media you may want to use and provide an opportunity to share successes and challenges with other tutors.

Call 326-0536 ext. 159 to register for a Tutor Development Workshop.

Monthly Tutor Report Form - Fill in and print

Tutor Form |Word (format) (right click - save as) |PDF (for printing)

Note: Save Word format- fill in and print with Word or WordPad (on all Windows computers).
 You can submit online as an attachment to the Learning Center  lherr@jvbrown.edu